Take one Smart, Remove the roof, screen, doors and cut back the arches, fit with three spoke 16" 'spikeline' alloy wheels (developed on the Crossblade and now available to the Roadster), add the development edition of the Roadster engine and you arrive at the stunning Smart Crossblade, a car that will turn heads no matter where you decide to take it!

Launched in 2002 and available at SSC since that time this is one vehicle that can only be described as truly roofless... Built around a specialised passenger protection cell, albeit with a number of modifications to improve stiffness, the car is accessible via gull-wing style doors, which although when closed still revel the driver and passenger, have been designed to protect the occupants. The engine is an uprated version of the standard three-cylinder turbocharged unit, which develops a perky 70bhp while the track has been widened front and rear to accommodate the rather unique 16-inch three spoke alloys.

Another design feature of the car is the lack of a windscreen, which has been replaced by a tinted visor, aerodynamically sculpted to deflect wind and road debris over the passengers while still keeping the car in line with its minimalist styling. Okay not the most practical of cars, but great fun to drive and what do you do when it rains? You get wet and with a marine style waterproof interior, its not really a problem.