ased around the heavily modifed 61 Pulse, the factory Brabus must be one of the most notorious custom Smarts on the market. Built in either all silver or all black these cars have all the features and extras found on the Passion, including air conditioning, but takes advantage of the optional power available to the Pulse series. With the addition of upgraded suspension and various 16" Brabus Monoblock alloy wheels helping to improve the handling and an enhanced supercharged power source producing between 74-81bhp (series dependent), the Brabus would probably be best described as the most outstanding model within the Smart range!

With just as much attention paid to the styling as the handling and performance, the brabus looks as good as it performs, with various colour coded body parts including deep front scoop and blown side skirts along with RS grills and twin centered exhausts, every detail of the Brabus has been meticulously enhanced and stylised to produce a truly eye catching machine.

  In addition to the external styling, just as much attention has been paid to the interior of the car. Full leather interior with anodised alloy pedals, handbrake and gearshift, sport steering wheel with F1 paddle change plus several carbon fibre add-ons with branded mats, dials and dash to mention a few of the unique features found upon the Brabus Smart.

Moving (as with all Smarts) to the tail end of the car where you will find the engine compartment, the 61bhp Pulse Suprex Turbo 55kW power source has been chipped and modified to produce up to 81bhp and branded accordingly.

Due to the immense popularity of the Brabus range of cars and their accessories, here at SSC we always try to keep examples in stock, but for additional information on the range or availablity.